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Renewable Energy Corp Review

The Rundown

Renewable Energy Corp is a locally owned and operated family business. They have been serving Maryland for more than 10 years with reliable, professional and friendly service and they are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest residential solar energy companies. Get a free quote today.


  • Locally owned and operated
  • Mid-Atlantic company
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar attic fans
  • PowerSave System

States covered

D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Virginia

How it's different

Family Owned

Renewable Energy Corp has been a proudly locally owned and operated family business serving Maryland and the D.C. area for more than a decade.

Regional Know-How

The Mid-Atlantic part of the U.S. can experience some rough weather, but Renewable Energy Corp has braved over 10 years of environmental uncertainty to deliver solar power to their clients.

Multi-Solar Products

Upgrading your home to make it more efficient is important, and musty attics may need extra and reliable ventilation. Renewable Energy Corp makes and installs new solar fans for attics, and they also make advanced solar water heaters. Both of these upgrades to your current setup can help you save on your utility bill.

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How you pay

Renewable Energy Corp charges their customers upfront while utilizing the best state and federal incentive programs. They also allow their customers to sell back extra power generated by their solar system to the utility company.

The verdict

Renewable Energy Corp has vast experience in the diverse D.C. area. It’s not very clear what their warranties they offer, and they also do not offer any solar power storage or a way to monitor savings.


  • Family-owned local business
  • Great customer service
  • Experience in the Mid-Atlantic
  • They sell several solar products

Solar can significantly decrease your energy bills and can help protect you from rising utility rates in the future. With Renewable Energy Corp you can also go solar for as little as $0 down. Contact Solar America to find out how much you might save. See if you qualify today..

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