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Renew Financial Review

The Rundown

Renew Financial helps homeowners make high-quality upgrades to their homes’ energy and water systems by providing 100% of the financing for efficient home improvements. Renew can help you replace your furnace, go solar, replace your roof, get a tankless water heater, and more. Get a free quote today.


  • Specializes in affordable financing for renewable energy systems
  • Focus on high quality products
  • Works to get government financing
  • Only finances products that meet or exceed state and national standards for energy efficiency
  • Committed to efficiency, safety, and resilience throughout each project

States covered

California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania

How it's different

RenewPACE Program

By distributing the costs over years of property tax payments, the RenewPACE program provides homeowners with financing to install higher-end energy efficiency and solar improvements to their homes with little to no money down. In fact, California residents can be eligible for up to $250,000 via the Californiafirst program.

Rehome Program

With special state-supported funding, residents of New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky can get up to $20,000 in financing at lower base rates than the competition with no money down.

A Do It All Company

With Renew, you can finance multiple projects including new roofing, solar panels, upgraded heating and cooling, windows, doors, insulation, and more. They can help you with anything that makes your house more energy efficient, and they will work with you to find affordable financing for your project(s).

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How you pay

Renew Financial will connect you with state-specific financing options that will help you meet your goals for energy efficiency in your home.

The RenewPACE Program

With RenewPACE, you get financing backed by the government that is not based on your credit score. With no money down, you’ll be eligible for funds which will be paid back with your property taxes over the next 10-25 years.


Rehome is a fixed rate financing option which means that your affordable interest rate and monthly payment will never rise. These loans are easier to get than more traditional loans, and include the option to use up to 25% of the financed amount for other home projects besides your energy and efficiency improvements. ReHome programs include KeystoneHELP, ReHome New York, ReHome Florida, and Kentucky Home Performance.

The verdict

Renew Financial connects homeowners with affordable financing for energy efficiency home improvement projects in many areas across the United States. These programs are mainly focused on specific states that have government backing for renewable energy initiatives.


  • Government backed
  • Two programs for small or large projects
  • Locked in interest rates with Rehome
  • Flexible financial options for multiple projects

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