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JLM Energy Review

The Rundown

Run by a team of engineers and experts dedicated to exceeding expectations, JLM Energy is employee owned and operated. Get a free quote today.


  • Technology driven
  • Customer focused
  • Innovative design
  • Employee owned
  • Offers the only 20-year battery warranty in the industry
  • Products made in the USA
  • Partnered with Soligent

How it's different

Employee Owned and USA Made

As an employee owned entity, JLM is known for producing solar panels here in the USA. Customers who want to go solar while supporting US-based manufacturing efforts will be right at home with JLM.

Technology Driven

JLM Energy offers customized solar solutions delivered in technology bundles designed to meet every budget. They’ll help you choose the products to meet your energy efficiency goals and will create a customize system with everything from solar panels and thermostats to batteries for storing solar power for later use. They offer apps to help you manage and monitor your energy usage and offer the only solar battery in the industry with a 20 year warranty.

Multi-Dimensional Energy Sourcing

JLM Energy’s Zefr™ wind turbine system is the first micro-arrayable wind turbine built for both commercial and industrial use. This system collects energy just like a solar panel, and can be connected to the same electrical string. By combining Zefr™ with JLM’s solar options, you can save money on energy costs all year long.

Deployable Solar Trailers

JLM Energy paved the way for deployable solar power in remote areas with their Foldrz™ product. This innovative tool can store, generate, and distribute power in undeveloped locations, making solar power more accessible for critical operations. Foldrz™ offers integration with third-party generators, hydraulic motion controls, and the ability to track the sun.

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How you pay

JLM Energy uses cutting-edge technology to deliver smart home energy management, and their customers stay in control of their energy consumption with the use of cloud-based tools and apps.

Financing Available

JLM Energy offers several financing options, including the ability to install a solar system for as little as 0% down.

Tax Incentives

JLM Energy helps their customers take advantage of both federal and local tax incentives which can equate to savings of up to 50%.

The verdict

JLM Energy specializes in consumer-friendly technology that helps customers monitor and manage their solar energy production and consumption. They offer personalized product bundles including everything from panels to batteries, and are even creating small wind turbines to boost energy production on windy days.


  • Employee owned
  • One stop shop for the entire system
  • Options to upgrade the battery or the entire system
  • Added features like wind power and thermostats

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