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Horizon Solar Power Company Review

The Rundown

Horizon Solar Power provides a simple and easy process to help Southern Californians access and enjoy solar savings. Click here to learn more and get your free quote today.


  • Free solar panel installation with $0 upfront
  • Lock in a rate for 20 years
  • 30% savings from the moment your system starts producing

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How it's different

Low Rates for Years to Come

Signing up with Horizon Solar Power means locking in a low rate on your power bill for the next 20 years.

Free Installation

Pay nothing to get your solar panels installed on your home!

The verdict

Horizon Solar Power is straightforward in its process and services, giving you a transparent and easy option for solar energy in California.


  • Free installation of your solar system
  • Lock in low rates for 20 years

Solar can dramatically lower your energy bills, protect you from rising utility rates and get you credit for the power your panels produce! You can also go solar for little to $0 Money down. Contact Solar America to find out how much you might save. See if you qualify today.

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