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Green Street Solar Power Review

The Rundown

Green Street Solar Power is an Elite SunPower dealer that operates throughout the northeast from the tri-state area, up through Massachusetts and beyond. SunPower leads the way in creating the most efficient solar cells. Get a free quote today.


  • Elite SunPower Dealers
  • Three tier referral system
  • Commercial and residential
  • Northeastern Company
  • Tied into the grid solar system

States covered

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

How it's different

SunPower provides superior Solar Cells

Sunpower is leading the way in solar efficiency. SunPower creates panels that capture more light than conventional cells. SunPower design allows your system to be 38% more efficient overall.

Sunpower uses Maxeon Technology that utilizes a copper backing in their solar cells, making it nearly impossible for your cells to corrode. The design also incorporates thick cell connectors so that together with the stronger copper material, SunPower has eliminated 85% of cell failure possibilities.

Sunpower also uses a highly durable and anti-reflective polymer glass, giving your panels a beautiful finish that will last through harsh weather conditions.

Three-tier referral system

Green Street Solar’s goal is to help as many people get the best solar systems out there and would like your help. Green Street Solar will give a new customer, $50 per lead, $500 for each solar install made from the lead, and a $2000 bonus when 8 households get a solar system install via Green Street Solar.

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How you pay

Green Street Solar offers three solar financing options that are flexible enough to fit everyone's budget and get you switched to solar quickly.


Green Street will help you own your system outright. Purchasing the system will cost you more upfront but save you more in the long run. There are no monthly payments and you can utilize the best federal and state incentives and tax credits.


If you lease your solar system through Green Street Solar, Sunpower owns your system. You will pay a monthly system fee to utilize the solar system. While leasing, you will be able to lock your electricity cost for 20 years. If something breaks, Sunpower fixes it. If you sell your home, you can transfer the lease to the new owner.


This is a lease to own option. Green Street Solar allows you to pay a fixed monthly payment until you pay off the total of your system. Once the last payment is made, you own your system and all energy produced. Green Street Solar loan can be paid back over a term that fits your budget ranging from 5-20 years in length and there are no penalties for prepayment on any loans.

The verdict

Green Street Solar has teamed up with the ground breaking company, Sunpower to bring the best solar system to you. They do not provide an option currently that allows you to store the energy produced by the solar system. You are connected directly to the grid and can earn credits towards your utility bill by selling solar energy produced that you do not used to the utility company.


  • Partnered with Sunpower
  • Great customer service
  • Experience in the Northeast
  • Flexible lease/lease to own options

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