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Elevation Solar Review

The Rundown

Elevation Solar provides its southwestern customers with a smooth and simple process for transitioning to solar and getting the most savings. Get a free quote today.


  • Excellent teamwork
  • Focus on solar ownership
  • Locked in rate for 20+ years
  • 20-30% savings off electric bill when the system starts producing

States covered

Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Utah

How it's different

Flexibility and Increased Value

Elevation Solar’s focus is on ownership.Providing flexibility and independence should customers ever need to move.

Low rates for years to come

Locking in low fixed rates for customers for the next 20+ years and saving an estimated 20-30% on a monthly electric bill.

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How you pay

Buy Only

Elevation Solar is limited to cash products. Solar leases are not offered at this time.

The verdict

Overall, Elevation Solar offers a limited range of products and financing options. They do however guarantee 20-30% savings when choosing solar. They aim for high quality service and aim to add value to homes through solar installation.


  • Customer oriented
  • Incorporate federal tax credits
  • Commercial and residential
  • Up to 30% savings on electric bill
  • Increase home value by $15,000 on average

Solar can significantly decrease your energy bills and can help protect you from rising utility rates in the future. Elevation Solar aims to provide innovative energy solutions to those wanting improve their home by outfitting it with solar. See if you qualify today.

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