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Arizona Solar Solutions Company Review

The Rundown

Arizona Solar Solutions is a locally owned company devoted to providing great solar service to its neighbors. To find out how much you could save with them, click here.


  • Installed over 1 million watts of solar energy in Arizona since 2004
  • Flexible leasing options with the longest lease terms in the area

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How it's different

Best Price Guarantee

Show Arizona Solar Solutions your current power bill. If they can't offer you a better price per kWH† than any other solar company in town, they'll give you $100 for your trouble.

Flexible Leasing

Arizona Solar Solutions provides a bevy of solar leasing options that can save you up to 65% versus traditional solar leasing plans.

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How you pay

There’s always more than one way to go solar with Arizona Solar Solutions.

Solar Leasing

Get right to enjoying your solar system with this simple and flexible option. From 20 to 25-year leasing options, you’ll pay absolutely no money down and no up-front installation costs, all while saving up to 30% or more on your monthly electric costs right away.

Solar Loans & Purchasing

Buy your system outright with a little help from Arizona Solar Solutions. With its 12 & 20 year residential solar loans, you can get your system without breaking your budget.

The verdict

Arizona Solar Solutions has good options for going solar and works hard to provide the best experience with its price matching, superior service and local clout.


  • Locally owned and operated in Arizona
  • Flexible leasing options

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