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We've done the research so you don't have to. From payment options to panels, see our reviews of America's top five home solar companies. You'll get the insights you need to make the best investment towards a brighter future.

Why Should I Go Solar Today?

A home solar system lets you harness energy on your own terms.

Save on Your Energy Bills

Dramatically lower your energy bills, protect yourself from unpredictable rates, and even get credit for the power your panels produce.

Go Solar for Little to $0 Down

Innovative solar financing options make going solar more affordable than ever. Pay little to no money down so you can start saving from day one.

Our Service

This site is a free consumer resource rating solar companies based on public information as well as industry standards and and best practices. In order to provide this service at no cost to the consumer we receive referral fees from solar companies if consumers are matched to a solar company recommended by SolarAmerica.com.

Lasting Performance

With a home solar system, you can rest easy knowing that solar panels are an energy-efficient investment you can count on for years to come.

Cash in on Tax Credits

America is paying you to go solar. With limited-time savings like the current 30% federal tax credit and local rebates, the time to make the switch is now.

Increase Your Home's Value

Studies show that homes with solar panels have higher property values. They also sell twice as fast as the other houses in the neighborhood.