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Trinity Solar Company Review

The Rundown

Family-owned for over two decades, Trinity Solar is the leading designer and integrator of solar power systems in the Northeast. Get a free quote today.


  • Family owned business with a community focus
  • All in-house team for trouble-free installations
  • End-to-end service manages the process for you
  • Over 20 years of continuous business operations
  • Multiple finance options available
  • Largest solar provider in the Northeast

States covered

Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York

How it's different


Trinity Solar’s family-owned operations and in-house team have a strong community focus so that buoys the local economy. Most of Trinity Solar’s staff members even own their own system.

Northeast Know-How

As the largest solar company in the Northeast, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be working with pros who are familiar with your neighborhood.

Great Customer Service

Trinity Solar will help you with the solar installation process from start to finish. A Trinity Solar rep will even come after your installation is complete to walk you through how your home solar system works.

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How you pay

Trinity Solar offers three solar financing options. In some cases, if you’re eligible for a rebate, Trinity Solar will also give you the option of transferring the rebate to your down payment so you don’t have to wait.

Free Solar

Instead of purchasing a system, a homeowner can just pay for the energy their solar system produces at a low and predictable rate.

Electric Rate Buy-down

Another way to save on solar is buying down the rate you’ll pay for solar energy with a small up-front payment. You don’t own the system, but you can still enjoy the benefits of going solar.

Same as Cash Financing

Trinity Solar works with partners to offer homeowners a 6 to 12 month same as cash program with no interest. Since you’ll own the system, you’ll be eligible for any federal and state tax credits available in your area.

The verdict

Trinity Solar’s experience in the Northeast gives it a leg-up compared to other solar companies. However, it’s not so clear about its warranties and is available in only a few states. It’s lack of mobile monitoring software also makes it come up short compared to its high-tech competitors.


  • Family-owned and supports local business
  • Great customer service
  • Experience in the Northeast
  • Same as cash financing option with no interest

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