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PEP Solar Company Review

The Rundown

PEP Solar has highly specialized experience in the solar field, finance options focused on ownership and a commitment to helping you throughout your solar journey. All of which makes them a great partner for solar system installations big or small. Click here to learn even more and get a free quote!


  • Family-owned and run business
  • Locally owned and operated since 1981
  • Specializes in solar technology of all sorts
  • Comprehensive assistance throughout the onboarding process
  • Fiercely believes in helping customers own their solar systems

States covered


How it's different

Experts in All Things Solar

PEP Solar specializes in all things solar, literally. From traditional solar systems to solar water heating to even solar pool heating, they’re equipped to help you go solar in nearly every residential capacity.

In-Depth Analysis

Pre-screening with PEP Solar involves a thorough analysis your utility usage. From your current usage to seasonal patterns and a free on-site evaluation, no stone is left unturned to understand exactly what you need.

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How you pay

PEP Solar is ready to help you find the best way to pay for your system without breaking your budget.

Own It

Because they’re a huge advocate of owning your solar system, PEP Solar focuses on loans and incentive programs that allow you to get your system installed for little to $0 down.

The verdict

With their thorough evaluation process, broad experience of solar technologies and ownership-first financing options and resources, PEP Solar is a great contender for Arizona-based solar service.


  • They want you to own your solar system and will help you figure out how
  • Have experience in a broad selection of solar solutions and technologies
  • Very focused on providing comprehensive service

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